stylish winter accessories

Winter’s essential accessories:

Quilted Leather cross body bags – I adore quilted leather. It’s so chic and classic, and its very in this season. These bags are both a stylish asset to the everyday wardrobe as well as an elegant accessory to complement a more formal ensemble. There are so many adorable options out this season. I’ll share a few of my favorites:

MK Sloan quilted leather cross body

I love this classic option from  Michael Kors. It’s the perfect size to hold just the essentials and it can easily be dressed up or down for either daily wear or for a special occasion.


These next two are by Donna Karan. The two-tone black and white leather of the one on the left is so elegant. It reminds me of a vintage Chanel purse; it has such a classic look.  The plain black one is also simple yet stylish.




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