Lessons I Learned from My Dog


Thanks for teaching me how to be a better human…

  1. When you assume everyone in the world wants to be your friend, more often than not, they will:

Leo greets every person and dog he meets with a lot of enthusiasm. His tail whips back and forth at dangerous speeds, as he’s ready to play with any potential new friend. Most people react well when you show them that you’re interested and eager to get acquainted.

  1. Always be curious:

When the refrigerator door opens, the coffee maker gurgles, silverware clanks together in the drawer, Leo’s ears perk up with interest and inquisitiveness as he tries to determine what the noise is, and if it concerns him (food potentially dropping on the floor?). It’s not a bad thing to want to know more about the world around us!

  1. Show your love for those important to you:

Leo’s conception of time is a bit skewed. When someone walks in the door after having been gone for forty-five minutes, Leo welcomes him or her back with a greeting appropriate for a weeklong hiatus. It doesn’t matter to him how long you’ve been gone, or where you’ve been. Whether it’s been fifteen minutes or fifteen days since he’s seen you, he’ll just be overjoyed that the pack is back.

  1. Make time to play:

You don’t always have to be working towards a goal. Sometimes it feels good to run laps around the house as fast as you can with your favorite plastic chicken, or engage your best friend in a game of tug-of-war.

  1. Enjoy the little things in life:

Our dogs could spend hours playing with a root or a stick they found in the back yard or on the trail. Leo is easily entertained by rocks that he finds outside. Follow your pet’s lead and get out and interact with nature!

What have your furry friends taught you recently?




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