district dining review: Rose’s Luxury

Touted as one of the very best restaurants in DC by Washingtonian magazine for the past two years, and topping Bon Appétit’s list of best restaurants a few years ago, Rose’s Luxury holds a lofty reputation in the hip, and ever-evolving DC restaurant scene. Located on 8th street, in a charming area in Southeast, Rose’s is ensconced by plenty of other neighborhood bars and restaurants, further lending to it’s amiable, hospitable vibe. I finally got the chance to enjoy dining at Rose’s, and experience the buzz firsthand last week. Verdict: Rose’s lived up to the hype. 10/10.

I felt like I was in a test kitchen as each course of our ten course surprise tasting menu was brought out with impeccable presentation, and a detailed explanation of what we were sampling. Courses included artichoke leaves with caviar; fois gras tartes with hazelnut, and white chocolate; pastrami carrots with smoked butter, rye, and sauerkraut; pork sausage, habanero, and lychee salad (pictured left); kung pao tofu with peanuts and broccoli (bottom right); and smoked brisket with horseradish and slaw (top right).

We cleansed our palates after the meal with vanilla ice cream with sea salt and olive oil, and a traditional chocolate innkeepers pie (pictured below), topped off with whipped cream and chocolate mousse.

My friends and I opted for a group reservation, which can be made three weeks in advance for 6 – 8 people for a ten course prix fixe tasting menu. Otherwise, Roses is walk-ins only, but on the quiet Monday night that we went the wait didn’t appear to be long at all. Even though we weren’t celebrating anything in particular (besides a general appreciation for trendy dining scenes, and inventive food), the group reservations would be a great option for a birthday, or other special occasion. I’ll definitely be back!



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