en ce moment – weekly highlights + inspiration

“Dear old world’, she murmured, ‘you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.” L.M. Montgomery.

Just some highlights and inspiration from the week…

1. Food and fun:

Spending mother’s day with my wonderful mom brunching at Ambar Capitol hill, which specializes in modern, Balkan-inspired small plates. The food and mimosas were delicious, and the staff was relentlessly hospitable, going out of their way to ensure all the moms in the restaurant had an excellent experience (photos below). My mom was really interested in the capitol hill restoration society home and garden tour, so we spent the rest of the afternoon looking at multi-million dollar homes, and impeccably presented gardens in capitol hill. It was really interesting comparing all the different styles of decor, and observing what type of books collections people had, and the photographs and art that they showcased. Prize for home with the most books went to the capitol hill residence of Celia Morris, a feminist writer.

2. Inspiration: 

The Inner Loop reading night. This literary reading event gives me the motivation and inspiration to keep writing creatively. This month’s event featured NY Times bestselling-author, Dolen Perkins-Valdez. Run by two Sarah Lawrence MFA grads, the Inner Loop reading series showcase the diverse array of writerly talent in the city. Writers, as well as fans of good literature will appreciate these poems, and short stories. Often held at the Colony Club, the Inner Loop hops around to different bars and cafes. Check their website or Facebook page for the latest updates.

3. Fitness:

Enlightened flow yoga. There’s nothing like starting the morning off with some inversions. I accidentally happened upon this class a few months ago. Not reading the fine print in the yoga class description, I was unaware that the 7:30 am class at Epic yoga focused only on headstands. Now it’s one of my new favorites for Wednesday morning.

4. Culture:

Last-minute tickets to a Shakespearean play. I try to take advantage of almost everything that comes to the Folger Shakespeare theatre. Luckily, one of my friends was down to spend a Saturday night watching Timons of Athens with me. Shakespeare’s lesser known Timons of Athens, his most rarely performed play, explores our culture’s relationship with wealth. The contemporary feel to the sounds and set design in the Folger Theatre’s version of the play made it even more engaging, while remaining faithful to the original dialogue. If you’re under 30, make sure to call the box office for their discount for young patrons. (images: views at the Folger Shakespeare theatre)

5. Reads:

I just finished In the Café of Lost Youth, by Patrick Modiano, 2014 literature winner of the Pulitzer Prize. This novel, told from the perspective of four narrators, at four different times, explores the identity of a young woman living in Paris, examining themes such as memory, time, and identify. The setting and subject matter were reminiscent of A Moveable Feast; needless to say, I loved it.

xxx lafilleamericaine


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