en ce moment – highlights and inspiration this week

Stay warm and still look chic even when there’s a bomb cyclone. Plus the best events in town this weekend, because neither fashion nor your social life should suffer because of the cold. Check out free orchestra performances throughout DC, or stay in with my book rec.

  1. Events: Phillips after 5. I’ve mentioned it before on my blog, and I’ll say it again: Phillips after 5 continues to be one of my favorite events in DC. They’re almost always a sold-out show, so get your tickets to next month’s early! This weekend is also the last chance to see the Renoir and Friends Exhibition at the Phillips. The show focuses on the trajectory of Renoir’s career leading up to his creation of Luncheon on the Boating Party, one of his most famous works, housed permanently at the Phillips Collection. The exhibition also explores Renoir’s fascinating social circle: the friends and lovers; colleagues and critics; and muses and models who influenced much of his work.

    IMG_3457 (1)

  2. Fashion: The passing bomb cyclone is no reason not to look chic. Need some style inspiration for these single digit temps? Shop my look above that’s perfect for a cold weather happy hour. I absolutely love this lace bell sleeve top from Loft. I purchased my fur vest at a boutique in Belgium a few years ago, but this faux fur vest option from Via Spiga is also completely fabulous. Throw on an everyday pair of skinny Joe’s jeans, and add a black leather cross-body bag for a casual and fun winter look.
  3. Reads: I just finished This is the Story of a Happy Marriageby Ann Patchett, a collection of essays from various points in her life. (Note: I am linking to Ann Patchett’s Nashville indie bookstore here, as it’s discussed in one of her essays, and because independent bookstores are awesome). I heard about this book from Reese Witherspoon’s book club, and I will definitely be coming back to Reese for more literature picks soon! The stories in this collection were very specific to Patchett’s life, but like all good art they are general as well, and all so instantly relatable. I especially enjoyed her title essay that spoke about the history of marriage and divorce in her family and her own happy union, eleven years in the making when she married her husband.
  4. Culture: As part of the “NSO in the Neighborhood” initiative, free pop-up performances from the National Symphony Orchestra will be held at venues across DC this weekend and next week. Look out for one close to you — you can catch them at community spaces, coffee shops, and museums, including the National Portrait Gallery/SAAM, the National Building Museum, and the National Spy Museum. Performances run through January 8th. I can’t wait to check one out on Saturday!
  5. Health: I’ve been focusing on meditating more, and writing journals entries (sometimes more like lists or incomprehensible notes, but they still do the job). I was listening to the podcast Meditation Minis, something that I stumbled upon on the podcast app, and came across an episode about decluttering (episode 93), both physically and emotionally. This was a perfect episode to begin the year with. I know the work in my own mental “decluttering” lies in taking things (namely comments from friends, family members, casual acquaintances) less seriously and personally. What things in either your physical or mental space could use some decluttering or streamlining?

Stay warm, and happy weekend!


la fille americaine


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