simplicity and elegance: keys to a classic winter style

There’s no need to reinvent one’s style with each passing season. The concept of minimalism also includes personal style and fashion choices. Maintaining a wardrobe of essential components and letting a few trendy elements filter in and out naturally are the keys to cultivating a timeless look, and avoiding accumulating too many frivolous possessions for the sake of style.


A classic style in terms of fashion and wardrobe essentially means sticking to simple, polished, high quality pieces. Most everything I’m wearing in this photoshoot I’ve had for at least five years; things like a tailored black peacoat, a leather cross body bag, and felt wool hat are evergreen.

Let’s talk about the black leather cross body bag, which can be dressed up or down, and worn day or night. I adore the Michael Kors Sloan bag, which has a lovely vintage shape and can be worn with or without the cross body strap. Also try the Rebecca Minkoff Je T’aime bag for a similar look.


While bright and pastel-colored pea coats come in and out of style, as do new and interesting shapes (the cocoon, or the wrap coat), an elegant, tailored coat in a neutral hue like black, navy, or camel, is a piece that will undoubtedly resurface every season. Investing in a good quality version of this staple (like these two, both on sale, from Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein) that can be worn again winter after winter is key. This black wool felt hat is also a must-have for the cold. Try this option from ASOS.


Bold accents, like a dramatic, dark shade of lipstick, or a contrasting scarf add versatility and understated flair to a look that might otherwise seem too dull.


Finally, there’s no need to retire whites from your closet after Labor day, an antiquated rule like this is meant to be broken. Winter whites, even in sheer and traditionally summery fabrics are very in this season (I’m adding subtle signs of trendiness to this look where I can), so take advantage of the rest of the winter days ahead to wear them. I purchased this blouse (below) from a boutique in Bordeaux, France. Here are some black and white options from stores that I frequent, including a peasant blouse from Anthropologie, and dotted henley blouse from The Loft.


Online, in stores, or through windows, I love shopping and seeing how retailers put their unique spins on trends as they trickle down from the pages of Vogue or the runways of fashion shows. If I could buy something, wear it once, and then return it, I would every time. Living in a small space, and simply desiring not to accumulate possessions that I don’t truly need, I have to stop myself from buying too much. Fortunately, there are ways to keep style alive and invest in the essentials, while establishing an ageless look.

Photo credits: Genesys Dupree Photography


– la fille americaine



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