intuition is a superpower – thoughts for Pisces season

Happy Pisces season, all! I have numerous blog posts that I’ve been trying to post this year – all sitting in my drafts – but somehow none of them have made it to fruition. Anyhow, here is some food for thought as we swim through Pisces season.

I saw this Instagram post the other day on Lessons from a Pisces and couldn’t help but relate. The essence of the Pisces sign is intuitiveness, sensitivity, creativity, and compassion. I myself am a Pisces, and I consider myself to fit the mold for this zodiac sign pretty well. There are ways in which we can all learn and grow as we swim through Pisces season. 

Intuition is a superpower.

#Truth. The novel I am working on right now deals a lot with this (one of the main characters impulsively decides to become a psychic) so I’ve had some time to contemplate the idea of intuition and “psychic-ness,” which I basically consider to be a very heightened power of intuition.

How can we develop intuition, or become better acquainted with it? By tuning in to our own thoughts and desires. In a meditation class a few weeks ago, my meditation teacher started talking about resolutions (new year’s or otherwise). “Don’t think about all the ways you want to be ‘better,’ or ‘different,’ but think about how you can return to yourself,” she said. I love this! Deep down, we know what we want and we all have some level of intuition. It’s just hard to keep that at the forefront of our consciousness amidst all the external noise.

Peace comes from trusting the process

Yes, peace comes from trusting own sense of timing and judgment. It also comes from trust in elements of the “process” that we can’t control. My yoga teacher wrote a blog post the other day on ‘how to be alone,’ where she talked about lessons learned from traveling alone and just being and living alone with herself. My favorite takeaway from this was her tip to look inward for advice and solutions to problems, rather than seeking advice from every person willing to impart it – after all, we know our individual circumstances better than anyone else.

The “process” seems vague, and it is. I think of it as anything that’s bigger and more complex than what we can individually control. We have to trust that things will eventually work out in some way, even if it’s not how we originally pictured.

Nothing is permanent, including your problems

In mindfulness and meditation, we have the ongoing goal of observing our thoughts – negative, positive, or however we want to label them – and distancing ourselves from them. None of these thoughts are truly “us” and they will all eventually pass or shift in some way.

Supposedly, Pisces and the other mutable signs (any of the 4 zodiac signs that fall on the changing of seasons) are skilled at dealing with change and uncertainty. Of course, anyone can improve this skill. As the seasons change, it’s just another reminder of the impermanence of everything we’re thinking about, going through, etc. If it’s amazing, cherish it; if it’s not so amazing – well, it won’t be forever.

Feelings are key to creating our reality

Maybe this sounds like an obvious truth, or maybe this sounds totally wrong. Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs test? Whether you have a Thinking or Feeling preference on this test might tell you how you feel about this concept. Feeling personalities have “people or communications” orientations, according to the test, and value harmony and being tactful. Of course, it isn’t so black and white. The test is a spectrum, so there are instances where each type might crossover. Thinking types who prefer logic and factual evidence will have some situations where they’re swayed by emotion.

I see Pisces season as an opportunity to get better acquainted with these situations, the ones where you feel strongly about something or feel more intuitive for no particular “reason.”  I hope you accept the invitation too. 🙂


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