the writing life: on being accountable

Recently, I asked one of my writing buddies how she is able to find so much time to write. That’s something I’ve struggled with lately. I’ve felt guilty about it because this is the time of my life when I have no responsibilities other than myself. If I can’t find an hour or so to write now, when I’m twenty-seven, living alone, without even a goldfish to take care of, then how will I be able to write when I’m, say, forty years old, potentially with a family and real responsibilities?

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en ce moment – weekly highlights + inspiration

Here’s what gave me direction this week. Arts and culture at the DuPont Underground, new books and podcasts, and inspiration from one of my favorite authors.

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en ce moment 6.10.17 – weekly highlights + inspiration

This week’s dose of arts and culture highlights…. the New York City ballet takes the Kennedy Center stage, yoga in the garden at the Dumbarton House, and the Around the World Food Festival and Baltimore Wine Festival coming up next weekend.

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exploring Iceland in two feet of snow

So, this post is just a tad delayed, but as I’m trying to get back into blogging, I figured my thoughts on Iceland were still worth sharing. Another reason I write these posts is so that I can better remember my own travel experiences, and so that I can easily look back on them – I would highly recommend doing this!

One of the many highlights of Iceland, and what propelled me to venture out there in the first place, was the Northern lights. My cousin and I first saw them faintly streaking across the sky from the Blue Lagoon one night. They weren’t as paramount as they were on our bus tour, but on a clear enough night it is definitely possible to get a glimpse of them from the Lagoon. The next evening we took a tour bus outside of Reykjavik into the middle of nowhere in hopes of getting an even better sighting of them.
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art adventures in washington dc: be a tourist in your own city

I opened a fortune cookie the other week that told me “you live your life in art.”

Here are some of my favorite things to do in the city when I feel like going on an adventure, or looking for inspiration.

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Scars that shape us: photo gallery on h street showcases beauty in imperfection

I spent this past Sunday modeling for a project that my friend and co-worker, Chaseedaw, is putting on called the Scarred Photo Gallery. A few years ago, Chaseedaw organized the Alive Again Fashion Show, which featured a cast of models who were all cancer survivors. One day at work, she mentioned to me that she was putting together a photography gallery of models with scars to help fund the fashion show. Having a long scar across my stomach (and also enjoying the idea of being shot by professional photographers), I volunteered to model for her gallery.

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la maison de la plage


I found this mosaic, La maison de la plage, or beach house, when I was exploring Paris one day on a wall in the 20ème arrondissement.

~A rough translation:

La Maison de la Plage is a moving group derived from squ’art movement whose goal is the use of empty places to live and create from a need for space and a poetic choice aesthetic and philosophical To collectively and creatively occupy free surfaces of the city.

We are driven by notions of exchange, ecology, art and play

Firmly convinced of the vital necessity of everyday poetry, we work for the opening and multiplication of art spaces and creations, free, public, recreational, in the neighborhoods.

We are driven by notions of exchange, ecology, art and play


“Life is sometimes only bitter,

If we don’t believe in dreams.”