instrument of freedom: notes on cycling

A bike is an instrument of freedom. On it, you can feel the breeze in your hair and against your skin as you pedal faster and faster, riding into the wind or along with it.

Nothing is weighing you down or holding you back. Wearing shorts that cling to the curves of your muscles, hair pulled back, and legs shaved, you blend almost seamlessly into the air swirling around you. The wind is not your enemy, but you are simply swimming in it.

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“The only goal is to breathe”

While positioned in a Warrior II pose the other morning, I felt inspired to write a blog about yoga. I’ve been going through a period of “writer’s block” or a case of “the blank page,” as they express this sentiment in France, and I needed something easy or obvious to talk about. The yoga teachers are always integrating narratives into the beginning or end of their class, and even the comments they make throughout the course of the ninety-minute class often strike me as funny or inspiring.

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